Very Tender and brought in from Midwest Steer


Signature Cut Steaks

• Cut Daily to YOUR Specifications

• Inspected by our trained professional meat cutters

• Tenderloin Filets (Roast & Medallions)        

• Sirloin Steaks (Roast)

• Rib Eye Steaks (Roast)

• Bone-In Cowboy Rib Eye (Roasts)

• ShortLoin (Cut T-Bone or Porterhouse)

• Sirloin End Steaks (Economy Cut)

• Skirt Steaks

• Hanger Steaks


• Short Ribs (Bone-In or Boneless)

• Rib Eye (Bone-In Export or Boneless)

• Sirloin Strips (Bone-In Short Loin or Boneless)    

• Tenderloins (Bone-In or Boneless)                   

• Ground Beef (Sirloin, Chuck, etc.)                   

• Sirloin Flap Meat (Cleaned or Uncleaned)           

• Top Round                                       

• Peeled Knuckle                               

• Beef Shanks                                  

• Beef Ox Tails                                  

• Beef Honeycomb Tripe                       

Ask us about Angus, Kobe, Natural, Grass Fed
All grades available - Select, Choice & Prim