About Us

D&N Provisions

We are committed to serving as the leading independent wholesale food distributor in Massachusetts, offering a comprehensive range of products, including top-quality meats, portion control options, fresh seafood, dairy products, flavorful produce, and frozen and essential dry goods.

We simplify food service operations across Massachusetts and look forward to serving you!

Bringing Freshness To Your Kitchen, One Delivery At A Time

We deliver the finest, fresh, meat and produce to your door. Our commitment to quality ensures that every delivery brings the vibrant flavors of D&N Provisions straight to your kitchen. Embrace the joy of cooking with ingredients that reflect a dedication to freshness, sustainability, and the true essence of farm-to-table goodness in every bite.

What Do You Want In Your Box?

Customize your package for each delivery with precisely the cuts of meat and other items you want or need.

Indulge in the Freshest and Most Flavorful Delights

Thanks for taking the time to explore our extensive offerings. We specialize in whole-animal butchery; please note that not all cuts are available at all times. Rest assured; we’re dedicated to working closely with you to fulfill your requests. Your satisfaction is our top priority.